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Being prepared is more than just paperwork...

We all have stories that need to be heard first.
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My Family's Story

My father was cut out of my grandfather's estate.

He was only 18 when his mother died of cancer and my grandfather remarried not long after. My father's relationship with his stepmother was cordial at best and we never really felt connected to her throughout our lives. When my grandfather passed on, we found out that my father and his sister were essentially cut out of the estate, which ended his relationship with his stepmother. It wasn't about the money. I doubt my grandfather would have wanted this outcome and it could have been avoided with proper estate planning.

Let me help you write the ending you want.

We can't always control what happens in our lives, but we can make sure to  leave behind a legacy of caring for our loved ones. I will be there to guide you through the narrative you want to create.

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Planning Ahead for Peace of Mind Now

It's never an easy thing to think about death, but by planning for that day you improve the quality of your life now. There are instruments you can use to ensure that a series of actions will take place to protect your children and property when you are not there, either in body or mind. I will guide you through the process to create a plan that truly meets your needs.


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What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that sets forth what you would like to have happen regarding your assets and the care of your children upon your death. It is active upon your death after which the probate process may begin for the administration of your estate.

Living Trusts

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What is a Living Trust?

A trust is an agreement between the Grantor and Trustee to manage assets for Beneficiaries. It states how the Grantor (person who created the Trust) would like to have his or her assets managed after death for the benefit of Beneficiaries. In addition to avoiding probate, a living trust provides flexibility regarding how assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Kid's Protection Plan (KPP)


What is a KPP?

While planning for long-term guardians is important, it is important to have temporary guardians who can look after your children in emergency situations. A KPP ensures they are cared for when you are not available for a period of time.

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Contact me and lets talk about your story.

22025 Hawthorne Blvd #1058
Torrance, CA 90503

(213) 725-7891‬

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