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Sandy Beach

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Wills, Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and more

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Living Trust

What is a living trust? Essentially, it is a document that appoints a trustee to manage and distribute trust property in a manner you determine after your death. In contrast to a will, your estate will not go through probate if it is placed in a living trust, saving your family time and considerable expenses. Perhaps more important is the ability of a living trust to distribute property according to your wishes. You can apply conditions, indicate timing, and generally state exactly how property should be divided among family members and others. These decisions have the power to strengthen relationships within your family after your passing. I will take you through the process of creating a living trust to make sure it reflects your wishes accurately.


A will is a testamentary document that allows you to designate guardians for your children and indicate how you would like to have your property distributed. Depending on your financial circumstances, a will may be appropriate and I will guide you through this process.

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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive

Powers of attorney allow someone of your choosing to take actions for you when you are not physically or mentally capable of doing so. It can be tailored in terms of timing and scope of power.

Health care directives record your wishes concerning medical treatment, resuscitation, memorial services, organ donation, and what you would like to convey to loved ones after you have passed.  A person can also be appointed to carry out your wishes or determine what you would have wanted to happen in unforeseen  circumstances.

Kids Protection Plan

Are you prepared for situations in which you or family members are unable to care for your children for a period of time? In emergencies when you are not there, authorities may have no choice but to place your children into child care services if you have not previously given permission for others to take them in temporarily. A Kid's Protection Plan will help you avoid these undesirable scenarios.

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Pet Trust

It's clear that pets are part of the family and we simply couldn't live without them. With a pet trust, you can leave money behind for the care of your dog, cat or other animal. You can place someone in charge of managing and spending these funds for the benefit of your pet, while following a written set of instructions that you provide. Our pets should be cared for just like they care for us.

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